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3 step program

I started running a few years ago.  39 years old and I had never ran before in my life.  Through this truly painful experience of learning how to run, I discovered something about myself. I am excellent at setting myself up for failure and making myself miserable.  Instead of crawling into a hole, I decided to use this knowledge to help others.  I created a program.  The 3 step program to guaranteed failure and absolute misery.

Mister Contest Toastmaster, Fellow Toastmasters and honored guests.  This evening I will share with you my 3 step program along with real-life examples.  Soon, you too will be able to feel like a failure and beat yourself up about it.  

Let’s get started

Step #1, set unrealistic goals
Make sure you set goals that you have no way of possibly accomplishing.  Earlier this year I ran a 5k race, that’s about 3 miles.  The race was advertised as being very hilly and muddy – more difficult than the average 5k.  My goal was to run the race faster than any other 5k race I had run before.  I failed, of course, and I was very disappointed in myself.  The key here is to set yourself up for failure to give you MORE reason to feel bad about yourself.    
Step #2, expect improvement without putting in the time

It is often said that in order to achieve anything worthwhile, you need put in a lot of time and effort.  However, if you already know you won’t be achieving the goal, why waste the time?   When runners train for a race, they run 6 to 7 days a week, hours at a time.  Me, I run 2 or three times a week, tops, and I always wonder why I don’t see improvement.  Try to be as impatient as possible while working towards your goal, because why should you have to put in the same amount of time as everyone else?  The best part about this step is the time savings.  Because in the time that you save by not working on your goal, you can use that time to agonize over why you’re not getting any better.  

Step #3, negate your accomplishments

If you actually do end up achieving an accomplishment, don’t panic.  I have a created a mantra for this third and final step “Negate Don’t Celebrate”.   Say it with me, “Negate, don’t celebrate”.  Excellent.  Come up with every excuse you can think of as to why you don’t deserve recognition for your accomplishments.  In May of this year I ran my very first 10k race.  That’s a little over 6 miles.  As people were congratulated me for running such a distance, I thought:  What’s the big deal?  I ran really slowly, I came in second to last, that’s virtually last place, and I tripped and fell flat on my face a mile before the end of the race.  I had to cross the finish line with blood dripping down my legs and a contusion on my cheek.  How embarrassing!  By using irrational thought you can turn your accomplishments into failures.

That’s my 3 step program to guaranteed failure and absolute misery. Let’s review the steps:  Step number one, set unrealistic Goals.  Step number two, expect improvement without putting in the time.  Step number3, do you remember? “Negate don’t celebrate”, Negate your accomplishments.  Very easy, right?  I can tell that many of you are eager to get started.  One word of caution, though, before you embark on my program.  At some point you may be reviewing the steps in your head and think, “If I do the exact opposite of each of these three steps could I make myself happier?  Perhaps more successful?”  DON”T DO IT!  Resist that urge!  Because, why would you want to be more successful when you could be a guaranteed failure?  Mister Contest Toastmaster.
3 Step Program
I have been in Toastmasters for about 3.5 years.  I finally decided to participate in my first contest, and did really well.  I think I can write a pretty decent, original speech.  Now I just need to work on my delivery.  I won my club Humorous speech contest, Annandale Toastmasters, on 9/4/14.  I competed in the Area 62 contest.  There are several advanced clubs in the area (mine not included), so there was some stiff competition.  I only came in 3rd of 4 contestants.  I was the only contestant not in multiple clubs.  I was also the only contestant not in an advanced club.  I would say I did very well. Hoping to compete again in the future.
3 Step Program As Delivered 092214 Area Contest by lizjane
3 Step Program As Delivered 092214 Area Contest
I have been in Toastmasters for about 3.5 years.  I finally decided to participate in my first contest, and did really well.  I think I can write a pretty decent, original speech.  Now I just need to work on my delivery.  If you're interested in Toastmasters go to
I finally submitted my application to the DC (e)merge art fair yesterday.  As always, I waited until the last minute as yesterday was the deadline.  I almost chickened about a dozen times.  This is the biggest show I've submitted to so far, and had more requirements than I'm used to.  You had to write a one page description of your project, create a diagram of what it will look like, and include your bio/cv.  I hadn't yet written a formal bio/cv yet.  I started Friday night with the project, and submitted everything by about 5:30pm yesterday.  I guess that's not too bad, as I have been known to submit art right before the midnight deadline.  

This was a really painful process for me.  It's much easy for me to just submit art, but to submit a write up on what I will be doing is much harder.  It's like a written promise or contract for me to perform as I had originally intended.  My art is very organic and often does not end up how I originally imagined it.  If I am accepted, I'm going to have to hold to my original idea - this is pretty frightening to me, but I have to learn how to do it if I want to continue to be part of the art world.

I really don't think I'll be accepted though.  They announce in June.  What I should do is continue with the project either way.  I've been wanting to do this project for a while, so I might as well do it.  I'm sort of in a dead spot with my art right now, which is a big reason why it was so hard to to this submission.  I just have to push through it.

I'm still not very happy with my submission, but I'm glad that I did it.  It was good experience and now I have an artist bio at the ready.


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Liz Miller
United States
My abstract and surreal drawings usually depict a dream state or scenes in other worlds – things that could not exist in the real world. However, they often describe or comment on the real world – how we’re connected to the world, or the inner struggle with the self.

People have asked me how I conceive the ideas for my drawings. My inspirations often come from things I see in everyday life. I’m drawn to the unusual hidden in the normal world. I see creatures in wood grain, aliens in marble and granite, an old man in an oil spill on a parking garage floor. These things often germinate in my head, and slowly grow into ideas; sometimes several ideas combine into one.

I live in Northern Virginia. I have exhibited and sold art in New York City and Baltimore.

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